FS12O: Improving Checkpoint Inhibitor (CPI) and chemotherapy outcomes

Although many patients respond to PD-1 therapies, in some patients, the PD-1 blockade is not enough to activate immune cells. Further stimulation (“hitting the gas”) by OX40 and CD137 agonist antibodies as monotherapies in the tumor, have been shown to have some incremental therapeutic benefit, but have also exhibited safety challenges. We believe FS120 provides a co-ordinated, robust immune response with a favorable preclinical safety profile and is expected to provide a wide therapeutic window in patients with cancer.

Our Approach for Improving PD-1 and Chemotherapy Responses with FS120:

  • First-in-class CD137/OX40 mAb² dual agonist bispecific antibody
  • Dual activation of CD8+ and CD4+ T cells and destabilization of T regs, leading to an anti-tumor immune response in preclinical models
  • Conditionally active and FcgR null for improved safety
  • Opportunity to transform current treatment paradigms as monotherapy or in combination
  • IND opened in 2020 and we expect to initiate a US Phase I monotherapy and PD-1 combination trial


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