We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with an advanced pipeline of multiple immuno-oncology programs dedicated to creating a paradigm-shift in cancer therapy.

We listed on NASDAQ in November 2020 following a business combination with Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals.

We are committed to delivering life-changing treatments for the estimated 80% of patients with cancer who currently fail to have a durable response to immunotherapies. 

Our technology platform enables the creation of tetravalent mAb2 bispecific antibodies that have a natural human antibody format.  This provides easy to make molecules, a favorable safety profile and strong biological potency.

Our wholly owned pipeline shows focused and potent immune activation, with a promising safety profile to date. Our product candidates are designed to simultaneously address multiple immune evasion pathways that limit the effect of existing therapies.  These are potentially first- and best-in-class drug candidates, providing options for patients with cancer who have exhausted all other options. We have built a comprehensive IP estate around our technology and product pipeline, with over 200 issued patents and more than 60 pending applications. 

Our management team has a well-established track record in building biotech companies and developing biologics. Together, they have brought 20 drugs to market to date. The team is advised by a talented Scientific Advisory Board and a highly experienced Board of Directors.

The strength of the technology platform and programs has been validated through partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical companies. This includes a 5+ year collaboration  with Merck KGaA and an ongoing relationship with Denali Therapeutics.