Opportunities & Partners

Within our therapeutic focus of immuno-oncology, F-star is pursuing additional select, strategic partnerships, to further leverage our powerful Modular Antibody Technology. Through the “plug-and-play” process, each Fcab can rapidly generate multiple bispecific antibodies, furthermore it can also be easily combined with other formats. This creates a multitude of opportunities for identifying novel and clinically meaningful biology.

Four asset-centric vehicles (“F-star Alpha Ltd”, “F-star Beta Ltd”, “F-star Gamma Ltd” and “F-star Delta Ltd”) have been established to create a flexible corporate structure which further enhances our ability to attract leading biopharmaceutical companies, through traditional license deals or straightforward option-to-buy asset acquisitions.

Incorporated in September 2013, F-star Alpha holds the rights to FS102, an Fcab targeting human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2).

F-star Beta holds an exclusive licence for the generation of Fcab and bispecific antibodies (mAb2) against certain oncology and immuno-oncology targets. F-star’s second asset-centric vehicle hosts the licencing agreement with AbbVie announced in January 2016.

F-star Gamma holds the exclusive rights for the generation and delivery of Fcab and mAb² across the blood-brain barrier. The third asset-centric vehicle of the F-star family hosts the collaborative agreement with Denali Therapeutics initiated in August 2016. In May 2018, Denali exercised its option to acquire F-star Gamma and gained exclusivity to the assets from the collaboration.

In June 2017, Merck and F-star entered into a new strategic collaboration that provides Merck with an exclusive option to acquire certain immuno-oncology bispecific assets, including FS118, through the acquisition of F-star Delta Ltd.


F-star Partnerships

We have four major pharmaceutical collaborations which leverage the power of F-star’s Modular Antibody Technology platforms, to create and develop highly differentiated bispecific antibody products:

 Pic About Investors Logo Merck

2017: F-star Expands its Relationship with Merck through a new Strategic Collaboration to Develop Bispecific Antibodies in Immuno-Oncology


2011: Joint discovery and development of new antibody-derived therapeutic products


2018: F-star Announces Early Exercise by Denali Therapeutics of its Option to Acquire F-star Gamma


2016: F-star Announces Collaborative Agreement with Denali Therapeutics for the Development of a Multispecific Antibody Platform to Deliver Therapeutics Across the Blood-Brain Barrier

Pic About Investors Logo Abbvie 2016: Collaborative Discovery & Development Agreement with AbbVie for Bispecific Antibodies in Immuno-oncology