Opportunities & Partners

Within our therapeutic focus of immuno-oncology, F-star is pursuing additional select, strategic partnerships, to further leverage our powerful Modular Antibody Technology. Through the “plug-and-play” process, each Fcab can rapidly generate multiple bispecific antibodies, furthermore it can also be easily combined with other formats. This creates a multitude of opportunities for identifying novel and clinically meaningful biology.

Three asset-centric vehicles (“F-star Alpha Ltd.”, “F-star Beta Ltd.” and “F-star Gamma Ltd.”) have been established to create a flexible corporate structure which further enhances our ability to attract leading biopharmaceutical companies, through traditional license deals or straightforward option-to-buy asset acquisitions.

In 2014, Bristol-Myers Squibb obtained an option to acquire the first asset-centric vehicle, F-star Alpha, and gained worldwide rights to its lead asset: FS102.

F-star Beta holds an exclusive licence for the generation of Fcab and bispecific antibodies (mAb2) against certain oncology and immuno-oncology targets. F-star’s second asset-centric vehicle hosts the licencing agreement with AbbVie announced in January 2016.

F-star Gamma holds the exclusive rights for the generation and delivery of Fcab and mAb² across the blood-brain barrier. The third asset-centric vehicle of the F-star family hosts the collaborative agreement with Denali Therapeutics initiated in August 2016.


F-star Partnerships

We have four major pharmaceutical collaborations to leverage the power of F-star’s Fcab and Modular Antibody Technology platforms, to create and develop highly differentiated bispecific antibody products:

 DenaliVectorLogoGray 2016: F-star Announces Collaborative Agreement with Denali Therapeutics for the Development of a Multispecific Antibody Platform to Deliver Therapeutics Across the Blood-Brain Barrier
Pic About Investors Logo Abbvie 2016: Collaborative Discovery & Development Agreement with AbbVie for Bispecific Antibodies in Immuno-oncology
Pic About Investors Logo Bms 2014: BMS option to acquire F-star Alpha and worldwide rights to the lead asset FS102
Pic About Investors Logo Merck 2011: Joint discovery and development of new antibody-derived therapeutic products

Merck Serono’s collaboration with F-star started in 2011. We are very pleased with how the partnership has developed since then, and highly appreciate the true collaborative spirit displayed by F-star’s scientists as well as its management. Creating an effective partnership means for us to create an open innovative culture which came true with F-star. The F-star team has clearly demonstrated it can deliver on the joint project plan. We are looking forward to advance our projects together.

Dr. Susan HerbertExecutive Vice President, Global Business Development and Strategy for Merck Serono